Your own radio show on Kbit Internet Radio

Kbit Radio is an Internet Radio Broadcasting Service, developed by the network, it is designed to provide a platform where both the unsigned, up and coming artist as well as any business, radio station and other commercial entities can access a global audience.
Different channels are used to highlight the type of broadcast. Kbit Music Channel, is home to the unsigned artist. Various artist and non artist are also involved in presenting radio shows. This channel also features Djs from all over the world showcasing their skills, and promoting music from their area; Kbit Talk Channel is dedicated to promoting discussions, debates, interviews and business information from around the world. Individuals and business alike can present shows and programs about their community, events and services, introducing new areas of their businesses. Kbit Live Events brings you a live broadcast from venues and other events from locations around the globe..

The Company

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Services are provided by Media. The music network where you are the stars. Join us now, have a show

Presenters and DJs

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Have a live or recorded show, broadcast your content over the Internet. Starting up is a lot easier than you may think.

Start your show NOW!

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To host a show, you must make a request, it is FREE so, what are you waiting for?. Get Started Now! (Make a request here)

Getting Started

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Go to our website
➢ Click ENTER or you can CLICK HERE
➢ Once on the GMQex website, you can click on the "Radio Slot Request" link in the menu to complete the form at the bottom of the page for your FREE account.

Complete all the appropriate sections on the form for your show.
➢ Ensure that all your details are correct and then (Submit Form)
➢ After our team receives your request, an acknowledgement email will be sent to you.
➢ We will then confirme your slot registration, and send a confirmation email, (check your junk or spam folder just in case).
➢ After reading the email, (if you are broadcasting from your location) follow the details in your email for your chosen broadcast method.
➢ If you are downloading the encoder, all details needed to configure the encoder will be in the confirmation email sent.

You will also be given the option to use the online broadcaster from our website, which means no downloading and installing of an encoder. You will receive all the required details in the email. You should always read all instructions APPLY NOW!

What is required?

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What type of show you want to deliver.
Make a request on the GMQex media network.
A reliable computer or Laptop (if broadcasting from your location)
A very reliable Internet connection. (if broadcasting from your location)
Decision on how to deliver your show (send pre recorded material, Live from location or at station)

Represent Kbit In your region

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Representing Kbit Internet Radio in your region is a lot easier than you think, all we ask is that you agree to perform within our guide lines and have a passion for communication via media. It return you will have the opportunity to grow a valuable business as part of our network, have lots of fun building a team for your business, while getting involved in various shows and events.

Your first activity would be to find like minded individuals to host a show from the comfort of their premises on one of our channels, you get them to follow our online registration process, you make sure that they comply with our terms of service and the best part is you earn from all revenue generated in your region.

What is involved?

  • Registering with us to represent your region.
  • Finding presenters and DJs to host shows on our channels, (you may host as well).
  • Promote the network by getting involved in events and show broadcast.
  • Planning events sponsored by Kbit and selling ads and banners on the network.

Your Goal

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Have sufficient shows coming from your region, which will mean that a dedicated channel can be created including the application of an FM broadcast licence.
Develop the area unitl premises are required to support and sustain the growth.
Have at least one sponsored event a month in the region.

Registration takes place on the GMQex website, click Join Us to complete the form

Are you ready (Join Us!)